The Hosting Team will open the gathering and steward the overall design of the gathering. We will be living and working in Circle and Open Space, and invite participants to step forward to host, harvest & co-create our agenda and moments of celebration together. Ask for what you need, and offer what you can as we create the experience together!

The Flow

First and last day details

Sunday, August 27

13:00 – 15:30 | Registration open

16:00 | Gathering Starts

18:00 | Dinner

Friday, September 1

13:00 | Lunch

15:00 | Gathering Ends

15:30 | Departure


  • Sunday afternoon: arrival, opening and check-in with participants
  • Monday: Sharing the journey: What brings us here, what questions we carry, and what stories need to be shared?Sensing into our stories and the story that connects us 
  • Tuesday: Open Space
  • Wednesday: Community Day with the options of a hosted nature walk, time in the forest or in the village. Self-organised activities
  • Thursday: Open Space & convergence day
  • Friday: Bringing it together and check-out.  The gathering ends at 15:30 on Friday

Many Flow Game ( hosts will be in attendance. There will be an opportunity to bring your question into the Game for peer coaching and wisdom council.

Remember, what makes all participatory processes work is what is often called “the magic in the middle.” What can you bring or offer that helps “the magic in the middle” grow?

Please bring your stories, insights, questions, inquiries, and thoughts about what matters most to you.

And also:

  • Your curiosity about what’s happening in the world and what we might be doing together 
  • Your insights into the deeper patterns beneath what’s going on in the world and in your practice. What change is coming and how can you tell? What deeper patterns can you see if you really stopped to look? 
  • Objects, pieces of art, stories, songs, books, or anything else that will support expression and celebration 
  • Your stories of practice and any inputs into learning, community and possibility 
  • Art supplies, musical instruments, costumes, props, or anything else you think could help expression creativity or celebration 
  • Food to share from your place
  • Your deep reflections and your sense of humor! 
  • Your willingness to care for yourself, for each other and for the place we are gathering 
  • An openness to step forward and offer your unique contribution to co-create this gathering 

This invitation comes from the Art of Hosting Community and we are meeting around this practice, but we’d also like to see our mates from other communities there — all the tribes: World Café, Open Space, Appreciative Inquiry, Circle work, Theory U & presencing, Holacracy, Sociocracy, Deep Democracy, Deep Ecology, Dynamic Facilitation, Spiral Dynamics and all other forms; those who carry story, music, dance, the arts; anyone who is thoughtful and engaged at this time. 

We hope to see you there!